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Monday, February 12, 2007

Samanigans 2-12-07

Here's a brief clip (4:30) showing Sammy at work. As you can tell, she has varied interests, and manages to keep herself busy while Mr. Dad makes dinner. Enjoy!

Follow up

Hi there!
I got such a great response to my lasst post that I thought I'd follow it up! :-)
First off - here is a much belated Christmas photo from the first of three family get togethers we had:

Holding *four* squirmy little kiddos was quite a challenge. I'm not sure any of the paparazzi was able to get a suitable shot. It quickly devolved into this:

Sam looked like she was thinking "Hey what's the problem? Check out all of the attention we're getting? Oh! Did I say "we", I mean all the attenion I'M getting!" Quite the little Leo we have!

BTW - the pink rocking unicorn in the last blog was a gift from Uncle Tony and Cool Aunt Stacey. (That is her complete title). It was the hit of Christmas night!

My job: yep, it is computer related. I am on the internal information system team of a coffee roasting company (read - I work in the computer department). This company has been a client of the consulting companies I worked for and one of my consulting co-workers left to work at this place. He has loved it and it has grown so much that they needed another person that could support the accounting package, do internal reporting, configure an intranet, etc etc. That person is me! I really enjoy it so far.

We went to the Children's Museum this weekend and had a blast - with the bazillion other kids that were also there! What a cool place: they have little grocery stores and houses fashioned after housing in the Phillipines, Japan, Nigeria, etc. Very cool. Plus a "Cog City" where kids can play with blocks and gears, and "Imagination Workstation" where they can do crafts, and various guests: awhile ago it was a big room set up for Clifford the dog, this time it was Bob the Builder. We've got a membership to it and now that Sammy can walk from place to place I think we'll be going more often! But the big draw was this:

And the picture for the road:

Check out these Sock Monkey pajamas. Our dear friend Laurie gave them to Sammy. I love them!

Take care.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Howdy. Please scroll down to review SeattleS' latest post.

We have over three hours of video to capture and edit, much of it of Samantha's doings. There is so much to do now that I'm Mr. Dad all the time (see below for more details), but I'm working on it, and promise to get some choice video onto the blog ASAP!

Love you all!

I know! Too long!

Please forgive my silence. It has been far too long. And this post is going to be merely a token one, because I am running out of time!
Quick - here is a picture:
This was our mini retreat on Orcas Island. We have been trying to have an annual retreat where we do oh-so-fun things like taxes, preparing budgets, clearing out files, etc.

Can you believe I haven't even put Christmas photos up on the blog? Here's another:

Our Christmas visit at the Foss home. This is a great picture of Grandma. Lately she is not very animated, or even fully sure of who it is that is visiting her. So, I love this picture.

We have had quite an adjustment in our little household: I have gone back to work full time at a new company! I am very excited about it - I have gotten out of consulting and I love how much more I am learning at this new place. But it has been hard. I have been working part-time for about 4 years and that has been so wonderful to spend 4 days in a row with Sammy. I mean, sheesh:

It's awfully hard to leave this little one . So I end up leaving before she wakes up so I can have more time with her when I get home.

David has taken on his role as full time Mr. Dad stupendously! It really seems like he and Sam are having a fun time together. Plus I come home to dinner on the table! Amazing!

Sam is walking like a champ and picking up more and more words. She's quite the little helper too:

She loves helping Dad clean up and wash dishes.

And one last picture for the road. It's kinda sad - we had about 80 pictures on our camera that we hadn't uploaded since the last blog post and about a third of them are completely fuzzy because we had a wrong setting on our camera - and we couldn't tell until we saw the photos on the computer. :-( But I do like this one. Sammy is getting so big!