The McBryders

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My not-so-little girl

Uh-oh. It happened again. Time got away with me. And just as "I've got to blog" became a beating refrain in my head, I received a comment from my external "blog-conscience": California Granny.

The other night I was taking Sammy to bed and it dawned on me that I was watching my little girl climb the stairs by herself. Not on her knees, but holding onto the rail and going one step at a time. It hit me Sammy is truly learning to walk on her own - and this was merely a very literal reminder. In looking for a certain picture (scroll down), I find it hilarious that it was taken exactly a year ago.

October was a pretty fun month - busy of course, but each weekend had its own activities. My aunt and uncle came to visit the first week of October. We had some wonderful times: we went to the outdoor sculpture museum at the SAM, we had a great evening eating mexican food - complete with margaritas of! And my aunt and uncle, Sam and I went to see David play in the Seattle Symphony! It was part of their children's cycle, so the whole show was geared around getting the kids involved. Prior to the show a local dance troupe put on a show in the lobby. I didn't have my camera, but thankfully my aunt (scroll down) did!
Sammy was too small to sit in the chair without being swallowed, so she sat in my lap, snuggled in with her bunny and wa-wa. She looked so cozy but she was 100% aware of what was happening on the stage. She had a lot of fun seeing her daddy "play horn".

The next weekend David, Sammy and I went to a pumpkin patch. Having never been to one before - I didn't know what we were in for: in a word, MUD!

Actually - this farm is about an hour north of us and they did a fantastic job. There were tons of little displays
they had a little animal area, a huge corn maze, corn on the cobs and big cat in a purple hat. Sammy kept wanting to walk farther and farther away, trudging in the mud. Luckily she was in bright pink. At one point she took a header into a rotten pumpkin and the remainder of the day told everyone she fell into an "open pumpkin". In fact, when I told her just now that I was writing about our trip to the pumpkin patch, she said "I fell into an open pumpkin". Quite the impression it made on her!
The next day we made our jack o'lanterns:

We had a house full of cats for Hallowe'en:

I will try to write a bit more a little later - but I wanted to get these picture published...