Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tonight at dinner

Sammy and David went to the library today and they sang the "if you're happy and you know it" song at the story telling session. So tonight at dinner Sammy entertained us with the song. She led us in scratching our heads, clapping our hands, scratching our fork, eating wild rice and scratching our spaghetti!


Blogger CaliforniaGrammy said...

I'd be so happy to scratch my spaghetti! Hilarious! And the picture says it all.

9:35 AM  
Blogger jennavar said...

I love "if you're happy and you know it"... I would love to scratch my spaghetti with you. Let's do that next time we get together! Everyone needs to experience a little spaghetti scratchen'

Love the picture!

3:13 PM  

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