The McBryders

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fun weekend

OK, fun may be a slight exaggeration. I got to take Friday, Monday and Tuesday off and hang out at home with the kiddo. So, Friday and Tuesday I took her to preschool and Monday we braved the flooded streets and went to Little Gym. After preschool on Friday Sammy and I went to the store and bought all sorts of treats. The next day was going to be her "special day". We were going to begin...drum roll please...potty training. We had treats, we had the teddy bear that was wearing big girl pants that Sammy could teach how to use the potty, we had books and the leap frog all ready to go.

The second day, we got the teddy bear again and started to reiterate all that we had learned the day before: Sammy gave her a drink of water, felt to see if she was still dry, gave her a treat because she was, took off her pants, put her on the potty, took her off the potty, swung her at me so that the bear hit me, said firmly "No Teddy! Don't hit Mommy" and marched the bear to Time Out.
Guess I know what she took from that whole experience!

Sammy trying to do her sad face

I got to babysit my friend's two daughters. We had so much fun that night!

At the beach on Thanksgiving. Another wonderfully relaxing time at the beach house!
Sammy's cousin Abby was there for Thanksgiving so these two got some great quality time together.
Bring on your potty training stories!!