The McBryders

Sunday, July 02, 2006


We have been having some wonderful summer weather here! These last few weekend have seemed to fly by. After our trip to Victoria in mid-June, the following weekend was the soltice parade in Fremont. Bob and David took that beautiful day to go hiking (practice time!) while Janey and I took Sam and her cousin down to the Fremont fair. This parade is known all over Seattle - famed for its naked bicyclists and funky handmade floats. Very colorful! Then we took the kids out for Thai food.
The following day was Father's Day and Sam, David and I went back down to the fair and wandered through its streets of arts and craft booths, food stalls and free-floating musicians.
Mid-week we went to an Indian restaurant to celebrate Janey's birthday and Samantha had her first taste of spinach and paneer and tikka masala. She loved it.

The last weekend in June, David's parents had a big party for their friends and family, in celebration of their 50th anniversary. It was a lot of fun seeing all of the relatives again. Sam, of course, had a blast because everywhere she turned she found loving arms. Such good food! Salmon and oysters and chicken barbecued over an open flame:
Here is Sammy with her "Milk Junkie - Member of Milkaholics Anonymous" onesie waiting to see who is going to pick her up next...
The three of us stayed at the beach Saturday through Monday evening.
This last week Aunt Patti came to visit - the last time she was here I was about ready to pop. (Though as it turned out, not as soon as I had thought!)
So, as you all know, there were four little kiddos born to this family within 8 months of each other. This weekend the second of those four turned one! A whole year has gone by. Strange.
Sammy's cousin had a fun wading pool party. Yeah! What could be cuter than a slew of roly-poly babes in their swimming suits?

The birthday boy!

The oldest of the's Hope!

Sammy holding court in a pool full of boys...

When she showed up to the party dressed like this would you expect anything less?