The McBryders

Monday, March 27, 2006

You are right!!

It has been FAR too long...
Here...quick...a picture...

It's been over a month (as CaliforniaGrammy pointed out! :->) and in looking at my calendar, I can't figure out where the time has gone. I guess we have settled into a bit of a routine.
I'm still loving my new job. David has been busy working at home (read, watching Sam) and playing some music gigs - including one night at the PNB (the ballet)!

On Mondays, Sam and I go to Post-Natal yoga. It is so nice to be moving and stretching again! And Sam has a ball watching all of the older toddlers. Most Tuesdays she and I go to the movies (but not today - I couldn't stomach the idea of watching Larry the Health Inspector). Then it is my three-day work week. It's a good life.

This weekend was pleasantly filled: we had two nice, sunny, but FREEZING days. On Saturday, my mom, Sam and I went for a long four mile walk, complete with lunch and a trip to the bakery! Very nice. But COLD. We went to a consignment shop and bought Sam a fleece vest and some long fleece socks to cover her legs.

Sunday, David and I went out to brunch with some friends, then I went to a Flyfriend's house to help her declutter for a couple of hours, then Sam and I went to another friend's garage sale, and then Sam, Lara and I went out to Mexican food for dinner. Jam-packed but fun. I think Sam is as much of a social butterfly as I am.

You can't see it in this picture, but Sammy now has three teeth - the one up on the top just came in on Friday.

You may notice that all of these pictures are from the same "sitting". Sadly our photographs have been as sparse as our blogs this month. :-)

I hope everyone is doing well!