Monday, September 01, 2008

We love summer!

For various reasons (weather, jobs, etc) most of our summer has been crammed into August. And we have been having a grand old time! We have gone camping...twice.

This was a lot of fun. We went with my folks and Uncle Tony to Marble Creek in the North Cascades to celebrate Sammy's 3rd birthday. We had a great time and the weather cooperated, for the most part. We even remembered to pack her Birthday Suit!

The following weekend, we took off for Hood River to go camping with Sammy's cousin. We had bought the guys a river rafting experience for Father's Day and it sounded like they had an absolutely awesome time! I'll have to wait to post one of those pictures. But they are cool!

While the guys were rafting over a waterfall, we took the kids to a very neat secluded beach. What a blast they had - and of course, Sammy's favorite thing to do was coat herself in sand. The next day we took the kids to David's aunt's farm and the kids got to see cows and ride on a tractor! This weekend was much hotter than we are used to - around 104 on Friday and Saturday, and then it rained on Monday. But we managed to stay cool. It was so fun to watch the kids run around and play together. They had a ball!

Well, Sammy's awake, so I am going to read her a book. I'll post more soon.

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Blogger CaliforniaGrammy said...

We love summer, too! Yet this summer just won't be the same without you home when we come up to see Mom. We're so bummed, but certainly understand your needing vacation time, too (just wish it weren't the same time as our visit).

I love the "birthday suit" idea . . . it was fun checking in on last year to see how she's growing up to be such a big girl. And her little cousin is growing up right along with her, funny how that works!

Hasta la vista,
Aunt Janice

4:25 PM  
Blogger jennavar said...

Ahhh... I love camping. Haven't been in awhile. Is that pink tent Sammies? She looks so darling in the swimsuit. Makes me start my "shoulda..coulda.. thinking". What a darling idea!

12:21 PM  

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