The McBryders

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Already September...

I know if I don't get a post out here soon, California Grammy is going to call me on it! :-)

We have had a wonderful time this last month. Samantha loved her birthday month - she got a little celebration just about every week. What fun!

The first week started out with Sammy's birthday party, which really was a great time with beautiful weather and so many good friends joining us.

The next week, one of my best friends from high school came up to visit her family. I am so glad that she was able to spend some time with me, Sam and our other good friend Sarah. Sam and I met Sonia, her parents and her two kids at the zoo. I think Sam found a new friend: Sonia's daughter Ryanne loved her. It was so fun watching the girls interact; and Walker is a sweetie too! Getting together with Sonia was like stepping back in time. Yes, we had little kids as distractions instead of politics and boys...but the laughter and conversation ensued as though it hadn't been ~15 years since we had last seen each other!

The next weekend was a wedding weekend: our friend Renee got married on Sunday and she and her (now) husband had a BBQ at Golden Gardens on Saturday. Again - it was a fabulous day, weather wise and Sam enjoyed pouring the charcoal-filled sand from one cup to another. I wish we had a picture of how she looked after about 15 minutes: everyone kept popping out their cell phones and snapping her picture because she was FILTHY! Two little blue eyes peeking out of a body filled covered in a black film. Hysterical! The wedding itself was very nice, and took place at the Lake Union Crew House.

The third weekend in August, David, Sam and I went camping! It was so much fun! We had a tent and a blow up queen sized mattress and lots of food. I liked letting Sammy crawl around the campsite. Again, she was so contented to pile up pine-needles and moss and little rocks. Now that she no longer sticks everything in her mouth, it is much more relaxed.

It's hard to make out this picture, but on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning we pretty much had the whole campground to ourselves, so Sam and I decided to hang out in this wooded area between two campsites. The moss and pine needle carpet was so soft I couldn't help but lay down!

And the month isn't even over yet!

The best part had to be the last week in August where CaliforniaGrammy (and Grandpa) and the whole Varner Party of Five came to visit. Every which way Sammy turned there were loving arms to take her or kids to entertain her. And I had a FANTASTIC time seeing my cuz again! Everyone came up to celebrate as Grandma turn 90. Wow! She came over to my parents house and we had a huge mouthwatering spread. mmmmm...

I'll have to get all the pictures that CaliforniaGrammy took, but here are a couple:

Sammy loved all of her presents, but she was even happier when she was directing the crowd in applause. She would turn to one side of the room and command people to clap with her, and then turn to get the other side in on the action. Hilarious. Or do I just think so because she's my kiddo?!

It was so hard saying good-bye. Let's get together a little sooner this time, eh?

The day that California Grammy (and Granpa) left, we got to meet up with Tony and Stacey for a HUGE brunch.

I guess it's no wonder, with all this activity, that Sam looked like this afterwards: