The McBryders

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Sammy!!

My little Sammy Sam Sam.
I can't believe you are one year old.
365 days ago we were finally introduced to you. We pored over your every detail. We marveled at your size (tiny!!). We were in awe of how fragile you seemed and yet how strong you were. We were in that jet-lag dopey rush-of-being-in-love state.
As the days and weeks went by we oohed and aahed as you grew bigger, looked us in the eyes, grasped ahold of our fingers, grabbed a toy for the first time, smiled.
We wondered how a little thing could cry so loudly and with such rage.
Weeks turned to months and loud cries turned to laughter. Your open wide smile that you shared with everyone. Your giggle.
You sat up. We played with you as you became more and more aware of your surroundings. The first day without breastfeeding. Yet another (quick! How quickly they pass!) phase finished. But then we enjoyed feeding you by spoon. And later, sharing our food with you. Even still it is a pleasure watching you try new foods. The face you make when we give you a lime to taste. The happy food dance when you get a cookie or a grape. You look like such a grown up little girl when you drink from your sippy cup.
We laughed as you lit up with happiness when Homer came near, just to see him run away when you squealed with high-pitched delight.
The first time you signed for "more", we couldn't get over how clever you were! Now it is so funny to see you make that sign whenever you want ANYTHING.
Tonight, as we watched you crawling, we turned to one another to say "She is so CUTE when she crawls!" Every step, every phase has been a joy. And an amazement.
Tonight I put you into your crib. Instead of smiling and reaching out to grab your bunny-blankie and your binkie and turning to your side, you quickly got on your knees and pulled the blanket down. You didn't want me to leave just yet. And I didn't want to leave either. I lifted you up under your outstretched arms and I relished as you leaned your head against me.

I love you Sam. Happy Birthday.